S. SayCo Alford (he/him, Cis Queer Male) is the host of “The SayCo Show”, a talk show on Tuesday nights, 8pm Eastern/7pm Central. He has been jet setting for the past 25 years with a major carrier. In his early years, he was an amateur photographer and dabbled in community theater. An avid Patsy Cline collector, ask him anything about the late legend. When not soaring as an International Steward, he enjoys his time home with his spouse and their rescued pets. Gardening, hens and supporting his spouse’s ministry keeps him busy.

The SayCo Show will dive into hard men’s topics, such as his own journey with TC: testicular cancer. He will also talk about music and hot topics (all things queer). SayCo has a variety of interests, and would like to respond to a wide range of your issues and concerns. Let’s help each other with the power of conversation. SayCo hopes to make the show interactive soon, whether by going live or opening up text/emails for Q&A follow up programs. His goal for the show to revitalize the greater queer Middle Tennessee community with a deeper connection through interaction on the show. “The listeners are just as much a part of the show as I am.” Let’s talk, Brothers!

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